Comics Journalism

I have been working with comics journalism for more than 15 years. In the meantime, I organized events on this topic, I wrote texts for newspapers and magazines, I published articles, I did academic research, I developed my own comics reportages (with different artists) … I even wrote a doctoral thesis that became a book. In other words, comics journalism is my major speciality! By the way, I defend the idea that comics journalism should not be considered a genre, but an area of journalism as broad as radio journalism, web journalism or TV journalism. Working with comics journalism, therefore, means to develop journalistic pieces using the possibilities of the comics language. Within this area, it is possible to find several genres of journalism with their specific forms, such as interviews, reviews, news, reports, and so on. In this section of the site, I will not only talk about my own work with journalistic comics, but I will also spread knowledge about this area of journalism. It will be a space of reference, constantly updated.