Comics journalism institutions worldwide

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In this list, I present some of the main institutions and platforms active in the field of comics journalism. Suggestions for names to add are always welcome.

Last updated: November 2023
Illustration: © Pablito Aguiar

Badaró [website and magazine] | Brazil |
Becco Giallo [publishing house] | Italy |
Drawing the Times [website] | Netherlands |
[magazine] | Italy |
La Revue Dessinée [magazine] | France |
La Revue Dessinée Italia [magazine] | Italy |
Lucern School of Art and Design – Illustration Nonfiction
[higher education] | Switzerland |
Melton Prior Institute for reportage drawing
[research institute] | Germany |
Reportager – University of the West of England [platform] | England |
Strapazin [magazine] | Switzerland |
Topo [magazine] | France |
World Comics India [community platform] | India |
XXI [magazine] | France |

Platforms that are inactive or have closed their comics journalism activities:
Cartoon Movement [website] | United States, Netherlands
Graphic News [website] | Italy
Illustrated Press [collective] | United States
Mamma! [magazine and website] | Italy
Symbolia [digital magazine] | United States
The Cartoon Picayune [magazine] | United States
The Nib [website and magazine] | United States