Paper: “Por uma estética jornalística da pobreza”

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“Sur le journalisme” [About journalism] is an international peer-reviewed open-access journal, published in electronic and print editions. The journal, launched in 2012, publishes special issues and original articles. It accepts papers in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. This issue of “Sur le journalisme” gathered contributions that seek to undo the complex combination of political, organizational, and creative forces that struggle with and against each other to define ‘good’ journalistic practice regarding the topic ‘poverty.’

Publication year: 2017
Abstracts in Portuguese, French and English can be accessed here.
The paper can be read in the PDF below (in Portuguese).

How to cite:

Machado Paim, A. (2017). Por uma estética jornalística da pobreza. Sur Le Journalisme, About Journalism, Sobre Jornalismo, 6(1), 86–101.

You can access the full issue by clicking here.