Comics reportage: “So Close, Faraway!”

11-07-2013 Share:

“So Close, Faraway!” is an interactive piece of comics journalism which I developed together with artist Bruno Ortiz and programmer Maurício Piccini. It takes a literal approach to the idea that a comic must ‘show’ and journalism must ‘tell.’ The comic itself follows a day in the life of Jorge, a 43-year-old homeless man in the streets of Porto Alegre, in southern Brazil. The pages have no text, but they contain interactive elements, which you can discover by hovering over them with the mouse. This level of the reportage allows you to learn more about Jorge’s daily live, in a humanistic approach. The journalistic side of the piece is formed at a second reading level by expandable texts that give an overview of homelessness in Brazil, and what is being done to give a voice to the homeless.

Publication year: 2013
Below, you can read the first level of the comics reportage (without links).
ATTENTION: Click here to read it with interactive elements.