Book: “Pequeno Manual da Reportagem em Quadrinhos”

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After the publication of “Die Comicreportage – Journalistische Erzählung in Comicform” [Comics reportage – journalistic narrative in comics format], a version of my doctoral thesis defended at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, I wrote a second book on the subject, the first I’ve published in Portuguese. In “Pequeno Manual da Reportagem em Quadrinhos” [Little Handbook of Comics Reportage] I focus on the practice of journalistic comics. It was published by Arquipélago Editorial, in Porto Alegre/RS, southern Brazil:

In “Pequeno manual da reportagem em quadrinhos”, Augusto Paim takes the reader through each stage of the production of a comics reportage, from the initial researches to its publication. In a straightforward, accessible and informal way, he brings up practical examples involving the choice of a story, the search for a media, the dynamics of reporter and artist working in partnership, the relationship with sources and the encounter between factual reporting and the creative process. Always in dialogue with references from the Brazilian and global comics journalism scene, the author shares his own experiences from the backstages. At the end of the book, he shows the results of four projects carried out in partnership with artists from Brazil, Italy and Germany. With the property and enthusiasm of a comics reporter and researcher, Paim encourages journalists and artists to experiment the potential of comics reportages, presenting a tool and an invitation to further expand journalistic production in this booming format.

Year of publication: 2023
Number of pages: 144
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[A German edition will be published at the beginning of 2024.]

The video below shows the launch of the book “Pequeno manual da reportagem em quadrinhos” at the 69th Porto Alegre Book Fair. The television report was broadcast on the 9 November 2023 edition of programme Radar at the local channel TVERS.