Paper : “Notes on the field of comics journalism and the genre of the reportage”

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The eighth volume of the “Journalism and Society” Series, published by Insular, expands the understanding of what Comic Journalism is and the possible dialogues between images, comics and journalism. The articles are written by scholars, who approach the journalistic practices and their discourses, in order to understand what the drawing adds to the texts by narrating and presenting the events. And, also, how texts and drawings articulate themselves to configure a new language, capable of representing the facts, creating a greater understanding of the characters and their places in the journalistic plots.

In the chapter titled “Notes on the field of comics journalism and the genre of the reportage,” I summarize in 30 pages the main topics of my thesis on the subject, defended at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany. This is the first publication in Portuguese based on my doctoral thesis.

Book title: “Comics Journalism – contexts, research and practices”
Editors: Vinícius Pedreira Barbosa da Silva and Célia Maria Ladeira Mota
Number of pages: 252
Publishing year: 2020

The book can be purchased from the publisher’s website (in Portuguese).