Teaching journalism: “Revista ARCO”

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Since 2018, I have been volunteering as a guest editor at Arco magazine, a multiplatform science and cultural journalism publication from the Federal University of Santa Maria. In this role, I supervise students, fellows, and interns in the development of journalistic comics for print and electronic media.

Each product is created after meticulously work, requiring months of production by the team. The duos are composed by Journalism, Industrial Design, and Editorial Production students, who work as reporters and illustrators.

With ten years of activity, Arco magazine has 13 printed editions, including one in English. The current print run is 5 thousand copies. The publication has more than 4,000 followers on Instagram. The website had more than 1.1 million hits in the year 2022.


Publication period of the pieces: 2018 onward.
* Below, you can read the two comics interviews developed by Renata Costa and Esther Klein, plus the comics interview by Samara Wobeto and Noam Wurzel. These works were originally published on Arco magazine’s profile on Instagram. The technical sheet of the first work can be found at this link, the one for the second work can be found here, for the third work click here.
** The comics reportages published in the print magazine can be read in the PDF below (also in Portuguese). The first piece was developed by Andressa Canova Motter and Lidiane Castagna, the second one by Eduarda Paz and Yasmin Faccin.
Check out the Arco magazine website !