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Comics journalism institutions worldwide

List of institutional agents working in the field of comics journalism #comicsjournalismaroundtheworld

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Comics reporters around the world

#comicsjournalismaroundtheworld In this list, I present some of the main names working with comics journalism around the world. It's necessarily an incomplete list, so I'd appreciate any suggestions for names to include. Last updated: November 2023 Illustration: © Pablito Aguiar…

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How to be a henchman

On June 2nd, 2021, I responded to a request from my countryman Pedro Martin, who was shooting a film in Berlin and was looking for extras. It is interesting that in German the word for "extra" is "Komparse." It sounds…

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Me, a comic character

Tomorrow, I will officially launch this website. I spent months working on it together with the programmer, then weeks organizing the sections and uploading the publications... So much work! The best would be to start this post promoting the website…

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Alexandra Ruegler: “Postcard from South Dakota”

#comicsjournalismaroundtheworld Double page spread with the history of bison in the Great Plains of the US. Originally published in Italian in the magazine Internazionale, issue no. # 1270. Below, you can also read the English version, published on this website…

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