Reportage: “Uma jornada especial”

10-01-2007 Share:

This was my first major work of reportage. In mid-2007, Itaú Cultural invited me to Rio de Janeiro to write about cultural and artistic projects in the slums. The text “Uma jornada especial” (A special journey) was published in Continuum, the institute’s magazine. In this reportage, I report on the visit to the Complexo de Favelas da Maré and Morro do Vidigal, in the company of the photographer Ratão Diniz.

It was Ratão, by the way, who took this portrait of me on the terrace of the theater group Nós do Morro, in Vidigal, when I was 21, a few months after I graduated in journalism.

Year of publication: 2007

The whole reportage can be read below (in Portuguese).

Click here if you want to read the full issue of the magazine (also in Portuguese).