Reportage: “Susi & Vlad”

08-01-2012 Share:

In this article for issue 61 of Brasileiros magazine, photographer Tadeu Vilani and I follow the work of biologist Susi Pacheco, who uses to be called to solve issues with bats on the roofs of Porto Alegre, a big city in southern Brazil.

The photos below are my own, except for the one taken by Vilani, in which I appear holding Vlad the bat. I don’t remember who took the photos in the mosaic, but they probably are from a field trip we made with the interviewee on a hill in Porto Alegre.

Year of publication: 2012
The reportage can be read in full in the PDF below (in Portuguese). Since the text was strongly shortened for publication in the print magazine, I also publish the original (also in Portuguese).