Event organization: “24-Stunden-Comic am Wannsee”

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Since 2019, I have been organizing a version of the famous 24-hour comics event created by US comic artist Scott McCloud in the 1990s. At the LCB literary center in Berlin, in a big house on the shores of Lake Wannsee, we bring together about 40 artists each time. The challenge is to develop an individual 24-page comic within 24 hours. With no preparation – the theme is announced shortly before the event starts – and no post-editing. The event runs from Saturday at noon to Sunday at noon. A part of the event is open to visitors.

The artwork for the 2019 edition (see below the drawing with the wave) was made by French artist Alex Chauvel. The theme of the event was “chimarrão” (mate). A selection of the comics was published in a book.

The artwork of the 2020 edition (the drawing with the paper sheets flying in the wind) was made by German comic artist Mawil. The event had to be cancelled at short notice due to another lockdown in Berlin. In 2021, we were finally able to hold the event, this time spreading it out in different locations around the city. To account for this new situation, Mawil made a version of his artwork, this time in apocalyptic style. The guiding theme for the creation of the comics was “zu eng” (“too tight” or “too narrow” in German). In the evening of the first day, we live-streamed some conversations with participants of the 24-hour comics, mediated by researcher Marie Schröer. You can watch it (in German) here:


The third edition took place in 2022, again at a single location. The theme was “mein Kindergarten” (“my kindergarten”). The artwork for this edition was made by German comic artist Lucie Langston (the black and white drawing). The event was followed by the ARTE channel, which broadcast a two-minute documentation:

The photos below are from the 2019 and 2022 edition. Other photos (and further information in German) can be found by clicking here.

All comics produced during the 24-hour comics of Wannsee can be read here (some of them in English, French or without text).

Date of events: October 12-13, 2019; October 9-10, 2021; and October 8-9, 2022
Location: Berlin, Germany