Event organization: “100 anos da Semana de Arte Moderna”

09-20-2021 Share:

In 2022, Brazil celebrated the 100th anniversary of the famous Modern Art Week in São Paulo. To highlight the date, I invited Brazilian poets Angélica Freitas and Ricardo Domeneck to the literary center LCB (Literary Colloquium Berlin) to talk about the influence of Brazilian modernism on their poetic creation. German translator Odile Kennel was in charge of the mediation.

The guests read their own poems, as well as poems written by modernist authors who inspired them, such as Manuel Bandeira (Angélica Freitas) and Murilo Mendes (Ricardo Domeneck), in some cases translated into German for the first time especially for the event by Odile Kennel. The conversation was designed for both the German and Brazilian audiences, that is why the video was recorded in Portuguese, with subtitles in German (the recording was made without an audience, due to the pandemic).

You can click here to watch the entire conversation between Freitas, Domeneck and Kennel (in Portuguese with German subtitles). Or just play the video below.

The photos were taken by German writer and journalist Timo Berger.

Recording date: September 20, 2021
Location: Berlin, Germany