Audio reportage: “Kreativ und solidarisch durch die Pandemie”

01-17-2023 Share:

The reportage with the title “Kreativ und solidarisch durch die Pandemie” [Creative and solidary through the pandemic] was developed for the German website NPLA (Nachrichtenpool Lateinamerika), a news portal about Latin America based in Berlin. I tell the story about how the neighborhood of Saúde, located in the historic port region of Rio de Janeiro, became a bohemian hot spot still during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is also the story of Raphael Vidal, an unusual entrepreneur, who protected his employees, invested in his community, and by doing so saw his bars grow.

Publication year: 2023

You can listen the full eight-minute piece by clicking on the player below or on this link (both in German).

The photos below were taken by me. In the first ones, you can see Raphael Vidal. In the following ones, you see the cook Ronaldo de Oliveira Caetano, also known as Tinão.

A long-read version can be accessed here (also in German).